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MBAM/MBAH Homework Updated!!

Attention Execs!  The MBA Faculty wants you to keep your momentum during the state- mandated closure. Administrators and teachers recommend 30 minutes per day to keep your skills sharp. Please note, Principal Hamilton has added Lexia PowerUp, Carnegie Learning and Common Lit to the homework list.

6th Grade – Mathia/Wowzers
7th Grade- Mathia
8th Grade-Skills Practice pages 93-108/Mathia
Algebra I Freeman/Daniels- USA Test prep/Mathia
Algebra I Wallace-Mathia/USA Test prep
Geometry Wallace -Mathia/Usa Test Prep
Geometry Johnson – Packet(Flip Math/Mathia/USA Test Prep)
Algebra II Love – Mathia USA Test prep
Algebra II Thakran – Kahn Academy/Mathia
Precalculus – Kahn Academy/Mathia
Calculus – Work Packet

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  1. This is the parent of Jon’tavis simmons, i was wondering if MBA was giving homework online to help maintain their academics!!!


    • The posted list of online assignments is accurate for grades 6-12. Elementary grades were given packets to complete. What grade is Jon’tavis? If you send me his teachers’ names, I will contact them with your request.


    • Yes, ma’am. 10th Graders should be doing the online practice from their teacher. For example, if Kheri takes Geometry, she has a packet, plus the online math work for Mathia (Carnegie Learning) and USA Test Prep (usatestprep). If you send me Kheri’s math teacher’s name, I will get you further details.


  2. My name Kimberly Braden. I am Kamron Barnes mom. He is a senior. We have only been in touch with Mrs. Christy but don’t know what he is supposed to do for his other classes. Specifically his math class Applied Mathematical Concepts honors. Can someone help?


  3. Hello my exec is Marque Pollion 8 th grade. Will you have his teachers email me with ways to send back school work and passwords to get in the online lessons if there are any to do?


  4. Good afternoon
    My son Javonte is in the 8th grade and we picked up his school packet Tuesday. My questions is are we supposed to drop off his work every Friday for that week along with his attendance sheet for that week. If so is there a drop box to put the work in and is the box larger enough because he has a poster to turn in. Also, were is the box located and if not who are we to drop off homework to and what are the hours. Also, I know we are to keep attendance each week and there was only one attendance sheet were do I get another attendance sheet from. Please excuse me for asking so many questions but this is new for all of us.


    • Ms. Smith, your questions are all valid and important. I regret I dont have the answers. Would you mind emailing I’d like to have the person with all the knowledge contact you directly. Please include “homework questions” or “attendance questions” in your subject line and I will know its you.


      • I have received a response about homework from a member of the 8th grade team. She says the packets are due on September 25. You would turn them in during office hours, 8 a.m- 3:45 p.m. I am working to get an answer about the attendance sheet.


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