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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

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Frequently Asked Questions– Responses from the Office of Charter

Assessments & Accountability:
o Which tests will be cancelled or waived?
▪ Tennessee Department of Education will not be administering any required assessments for the 19-20 school year, including TCAP, MSAA, TCAP-Alt, WIDA, or EOC tests. TDOE has submitted a waiver to the U.S. Department of Education to remove all assessment-related requirements for one year, and the state legislature has provided similar relief by waiving state statute.
o What will happen for students enrolled in AP classes? Will they still have a chance to earn credit?
▪ College Board is working on providing more information about this. Students may
have opportunities to test at later dates and/or test remotely. The department will work
closely with the College Board and local districts to make every effort possible to ensure
students have an opportunity to earn credit for Advanced Placement courses in which
they have been enrolled during the 2019-20 school year. The department will share information with districts as we receive it.
o Is there guidance on whether to graduate students without EOCs?
▪ The state board determines graduation requirements; however, students are not currently required to complete an EOC to receive credit for a course. At this point, districts should work to allow students to graduate without summative
assessments, including the required college entrance exam (ACT/SAT). The state board, in partnership with the department, will be crafting updated guidance, policies, and rules to this effect.
o Will students still have an opportunity to take the ACT this year? If
so, when? If not, what are the implications of this?
▪ We are currently working with ACT to explore possible options, including the current planned state testing date of April 21. We will communicate more information in the coming weeks. At this time, we are working with ACT and anticipate offering additional testing dates. At a minimum, juniors who are not able to test later this Spring or Summer will be able to utilize the October Senior Retake day. This option will be available for students who successfully tested in the Spring or Summer and students that will be testing for the first time in the Fall.

Report Cards:
o From the SCS Website:
Will report cards be distributed on April 1? No, report cards
will NOT be distributed as previously scheduled. Once the District normalizes operations and we have a long-term plan for
the remainder of the year, we will share details. We will also
allow schools enough time to finalize grades, ensure accuracy
and make the necessary arrangements for distribution.


1.) What should seniors be working on? Seniors Should complete all online math assignments. Sails is to be completed daily. Seniors also should be working on their thesis paper Ms. Christy assigned. Teachers have been in communication with them.

2.) What should my child be working on while at home during this extended period? Students can check their Class Dojo, Google Classroom. Students can also work on Lexia, Carnegie Learning, CommonLit, and some teachers sent home packets to be completed while on this extended break.

3.) What’s the SCS Resource site for more available resources?

4.) When will school be back in session? We miss ALL of our executives and hope everyone is safe. We do follow the SCS calendar. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for live updates.

5.) How can I pick up resource packets? Packets can be picked up from any of the SCS Food distribution sites.
(Frayser Branch Library is the closest).

6.) How can I contact my child’s teacher directly? You can inbox us for that information.

7.) What is my child’s login information? Message us your child’s name and teacher and we will send you that information.

8.) I see Math and ELA, what about Science and Social Studies? Students can check Google classroom, also the SCS resource site,

9.) Lexia needs a teacher email to login. How do I get it? Students should know their login info, however, you can send us a separate message.

10,) What Math assignments should my Exec be working on? Math assignments for each grade have been posted here and on our website:

11) My Exec is in Ms. Pearson’s Creative Writing class. What should he/she be working on? Ms. Pearson’s Creative Writing students please click the following link

Note from Ms. Pearson:

“I would like to encourage all students to begin keeping a journal at home. What should you write about? Good question! Write about you and your experience right now. Write about how you’re feeling, how this pandemic is affecting you or your loved ones, and what steps you are personally taking to stay safe during all of this. Writing in a journal frequently is a good way to manage your emotions, organize your thoughts, and keep track of long days that might otherwise blur together. Use your journal to make daily or weekly goals in order to keep yourself productive and accountable. Journal to keep track of your daily events, life, and thoughts as they happen, and also to have a written record of them. And who knows, in 100 years your journal might be a museum piece as a historical account of life during an unprecedented event. So find a designated journal, notebook, or just a folder with some loose leaf paper, and begin to write.
You can write it like a diary:
“Dear Diary, Today I ate 5 packages of peanut butter crackers out of boredom…”
Or write it like a database where you log important information:
“Quarantine Day 11: I find myself counting the ceiling dots and wondering how drywall is made… Might google that later.”
You can write your journal entries however it feels comfortable to you– just write. And remember to date your journal entries!”


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  1. My child is Christopher Perry. His home room teacher is Ms Anderson I need his PowerSchool ID and his information class code for his reading class and also his information for his Class Dojo account. I’ve been trying to get this information since school been out.


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