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Ms. Vann’s Biology Week 1

Quarter 4

Week 1

Identifying DNA as the Genetic Material


Assignment 1

Use the following website to review the “Transforming Principle”

Step 1

Video 1:

Video 2:

 Step 2:

Read Section 8.1 starting on page 216

Read section 8:2 starting on page 220

Read section 8.3 starting on page 225

Read section 8:4 starting on page 229

Read section 8:5 starting on page 233

Read section 8.6 starting on page 238

Read section 8:7 starting on page 244

Step 3:

As you read, create a graphic organizer in your composition notebook or on a separate sheet of paper for each section to help you recall important information. Be sure to include all the important details of major experiments discussed in each section and summarize the impact the studies have had on our understanding of science.


Step 4:

Complete the formative assessments at the end of each section and email to Ms. Vann at

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