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Back to School Countdown!!

virtual learning

From the desk of the Harmony Schools CEO:

The countdown for BACK TO SCHOOL is ON! The first day for MBA/ MSA Execs and Scholars will be August 31st and we are 100% virtual. Virtual learning is scheduled for the first quarter of school (August 31st-October 30th). However, during this time we will be reassessing the pandemic situation. Every student will receive an electronic device. Your school will be contacting you shortly to arrange a pick up. Also, be on the lookout for another post about your School’s virtual orientation.

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  1. Hello,
    My child will be a new student attending this year, will we be contacted as well via telephone? Will we still have to purchase uniforms for virtual learning, he is a junior this year. What details or resources will we need to start this school year.

    Thank you,
    Tamera Moore-Johnson


    • Greetings Ms. Moore-Johnson, students will NOT be required to wear uniforms for virtual learning, but will be required to wear appropriate dress–no halter tops, no graphic tees. I will confirm with the office regarding your other concerns. There will be a binder/laptop pickup, but it hasn’t been scheduled. You should get a phone call, though. What grade/school will your child be attending?


  2. Hello, my son will be attending the virtually learning this semester in the 11th grade. Is there a set date for the binder/laptop pick up? I have not received a call. Orientation is scheduled for 8/24/2020 but I;m not sure of the time.


    • Laptop pickup has not been scheduled as of yet. We will post on social media and here when devices are ready. Orientation will be uploaded to our social media, YouTube and here on August 24, 9 a.m. You can view it at your leisure.


  3. I have a grandson who will be in the 8th grade and one in the 2nd grade and a granddaughter who will be in the 5th grade and they haven’t got their computers yet. My two grandsons there mother hasn’t been contacted from no one yet what do she needs to do


    • Device distribution for those grades has yet to be announced. We are still waiting for orders to arrive. MBA will post here and on FB when those grades may pick up devices. Do your grandchildren have internet at home?


  4. I was instructed by the staff that our kids will have hard copies of all the materials that’s needed. What I don’t understand is how will these kids know their daily assignments without access to their laptops?


    • More information will be available regarding daily assignments during materials pickup, or you can call the front office of your child’s school.


  5. Hello We are new here. I have 2 girls entering kindergarten and 6th grade. I know uniforms are not required now but I would like to know exactly all they need as they have never been required to wear them and I want to make sure I have them ready


    • Of course! Which schools do they attend in our network? I will have the Officer Manager forward a copy of the dress code to me.


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