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MBAM and MBAH Orientation

Stream now!!

Please find Signature pages below. You can download, sign and bring them to the front office. OR, ask for them at the front office when you pick up your child’s device. REMEMBER: device pickup for 11th and 12th grade ONLY is August 31.

MBAM & MBAH Virtual Handbook

Handbook Acknowlegement Requires Parent Signature


MBA 2020-2021 Orientación Traducción

MBAM & MBAH 2020-2021 Orientación Traducción Pagina de Firma

8 thoughts on “MBAM and MBAH Orientation Leave a comment

  1. Good afternoon,
    So after downloading the documents that need to be signed via orientation this morning, I have an issue with one of them; which is asking us to sign that we received a Handbook and we haven’t. I would love to have a Handbook before I sign this acknowledgement.


    • Packet pickup for Freshmen is next Wednesday, September 2, 8-11 a.m. Device pickup for 9th graders will be announced soon.


  2. So I watched the orientation video and it said something about a ticket for my child too get free lunch for 5 days so like when we pick up the laptops do we get the tickets then? It was in the video


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