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MBA Board Information

Quarterly Meeting Dates 2022

March 25, 2022 VIA Zoom
June 17, 2022Location TBA
September 21, 2022 Location TBA
December 14, 2022Location TBA
All Meetings are at 3 p.m.


MBA is proud of a long tradition of openness and transparency with our parents and other community leaders. A list of our current Board members is as follows:

Barbara Bennett (901) 275-2806
Shawn Thomas (901) 352-3662
Bianca Russell (901) 674-4214
Tony Reeder (901) 412-1431
Zach Beasley (662) 252-1766
Sirgregory Thornton 901-679-2742
Alexia Rosales 901-201-3407

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MBA By-Laws

Discipline policy

MBA Network Disciplinary Policy


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