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students_feb2017Academic Norms

Memphis Business Academy School is a K-12 college preparatory school. Our goal is to prepare students for college, as well as to develop lifelong learners. We promote academic rigor, in-depth study, challenging coursework, and a range of study that compliments a variety of student interests. Our college preparatory curriculum is filled with honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes and allows for the individual progression of our Executives’ talents and interests. Our education program is structured so that every student will fulfill graduation and college entrance requirements.

Reading on Wednesday (ROW)

MBA Executives are given the privilege to expand their passion for reading. Every Wednesday afternoon they have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting novel, a mysterious short story, a zealous book of poems, or an intellectual non-fiction book approved by their English teacher. This program is designed to increase our students’ reading comprehension and strengthen their understanding of grade level vocabulary. So SHHHH, remember to tiptoe through our halls during ROW and bring your favorite pillow or blanket to snuggle up to a good book. Parents, we know you love to read; you are welcome to ROW with us every Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:15.

ACT – American College Test

Students nation-wide take the ACT to determine academic placement, college entrance, and scholarships. The test is rigorous, and we encourage everyone to take the ACT beginning in the ninth grade. Colleges accept the highest scores, so practicing with the test does not harm your child; in fact it is very beneficial! This way, your child can have the experience of persevering through the ACT, learning to manage time, and building confidence for standardized tests.

THE ACT Challenge

Do better than your principal! Earn an ACT score of a 25 and you may be out of uniform for the remainder of the school year! MBA will have ACT days per grade level, and we encourage all students to take the ACT regardless of grade level.

The website to register is:

Conduct and Discipline

Executives receive conduct grades according to a Merit/Demerit system. “Above and Beyond” behavior earns merits. Negative behavior earns demerits. Executives receive weekly rewards for high Merits and low Demerits.

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