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The MBA Experience

We are proud to announce our 2021-2022 Foundational Literacy Skills Plan has been APPROVED! by the TN Department of Education for all of our elementary schools. To learn more about this comprehensive plan, please click the link below.

Continuous Learning Plan for All Schools

MBA Policies for Your Child’s Safety


A Guide for Vaccinations

The MBA Experience


MBA Seasons of Success

My SOS stands for my Seasons of Success

Within my seasons are elements of truth.
I have to be committed to everything I render.
I must be persistent because I can never surrender.
My character must go a long way in this race.
And honesty will always keep me from any type of disgrace.

I must be dependable because others will count on me.
I must be reliable as the roots of a 1,000 year old tree.
We lack responsibility in many of our hearts.
But we will be tenacious and reverse those negative charts.

I believe in service and for this I am proud.
I will offer hope to the masses and the crowds.
When no one has a vision, I will step forward with ease.
For I am a leader! And leaders must lead!

This is my Seasons of Success, now watch me take care of business and do my very best!

Education with Exceptional Value

We strive to have each student learn and prosper in a supportive atmosphere. Our highly qualified teachers create an enthusiastic environment where learning is motivating, stimulating, and innovative. By implementing practical business concepts, we expose students to a variety of learning experiences, helping to develop well-rounded individuals.

Our students enjoy activities such as business-related field trips, projects involving student entrepreneurship, and Friday business assemblies where they have opportunities to interact with local business leaders, parents, and generous school sponsors. The goals of MBA are to provide our students with a strong foundation so they are equipped to confidently handle the demands of a challenging high school program, college, and beyond.

Moving in the Right Direction

Since Memphis Business Academy was created in 2005, we have focused on making a difference with children in the Memphis area. What makes the learning experience at MBA unique is our ability to infuse subjects related to business, economics, and financial literacy into the core curriculum of Shelby County Schools. Our belief is that by relating academic subjects to the business world, we will help our students build a better future and encourage our “young executives” to one day help support the economic well-being of our community

Our Greatest Asset

We believe our community’s greatest asset is our children. At MBA, this means investing in our students’ learning, care, guidance, and economic future. To ensure that our students have the support needed to be successful in school and beyond, we seek to build and expand relationships with community partners. We are privileged to have the opportunity to shape the lives of these extraordinary young individuals, and our success in that effort depends upon the involvement of the local community.

Our Future

Charter schools rely on state and local financial support. MBA’s continued success is also dependent upon the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsorships. In the interest of our students, MBA is committed to keeping class sizes small, and we take great pride in our low teacher-student ratio (1:20). Funding is needed to ensure that we are not forced to increase enrollment (and class size) to meet financial needs. We also rely on non-monetary assistance and require help in a variety of capacities.

Memphis Business Academy Mission

The mission of the Memphis Business Academy is to ensure high academic achievement of students from the Frayser/Raleigh area and to help them to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to be successful in school and beyond. The Academy is dedicated to the high quality teaching of mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts with a focus on business, entrepreneurship, and financial responsibility. Through the implementation of innovative and effective instructional models, the school will meet state and national standards while developing independent and critical thinkers who possess the communication skills and quantitative literacy necessary to be successful in a high tech, global society.

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